Are life jackets permitted? Mandatory? Supplied?

Athletes in the 3-5 age group are accompanied by an adult within arms’ length and have the option of wearing a life jacket.

Athletes in the 6-7 year old age group and older age groups should be very comfortable in the water as they are swimming unassisted. Life jackets are offered so that athletes feel 100% comfortable swimming in the race environment. The life jacket is not intended as an aid for non-swimmers. It is not a requirement for athletes to continuously swim their designated distance. Resting by using the lane ropes or side walls is permitted and encouraged.

At our event in Burlington, athletes in the 6-7 year old age group are required to wear a lifejacket, as per the policies of the City of Burlington. No exceptions are available for this rule; further details will be provided to athletes and parents closer to the event.

Life jackets are offered to all age groups and supplied on deck.


Who counts the laps and loops for the athletes doing multiple laps/loops?

It is the responsibility of parents and athletes to count the laps and loops.  We will make suggestions at each venue as to the best place to stand so that you can call out how many loops your child needs to complete.  Attend an orientation session with your athlete so everyone understands how bike looping works.
Last year we heard a lot of “THREE MORE TO GO-GREAT JOB!” and “LAST LOOP-KEEP IT UP!” THIS is what we want to hear out there!

Are parents allowed in transition?

Parents are allowed in to help set up their child’s gear before the race.

During the race, parents are not allowed in transition (except in the case of a parent accompanying their 3-5 year old athlete). Volunteers will assist athletes throughout their transition from swimming to biking.

Can I participate in the triathlon with my child?

Participants in the 3 – 5 age group must have an adult (16+ years old) accompany them in the water, within arms reach. Parents may continue with them on foot for the bike and the run.

Parents are not permitted to participate in the triathlon with their child and will not be allowed on the pool deck (except in designated spectator viewing areas) or in the transition area during the race. Volunteers will assist athletes throughout the event and during the transition from swimming to biking. We encourage you to watch and enjoy the experience, while loudly cheering on both your athlete and others racing!

How do we get our equipment out of transition?

Once your child has finished their race you may collect their gear from the main transition and the drop transition. Please make sure it is safe for parents to collect from transition while the race is still going on. Be alert to athletes still on course.
The race organizers are not responsible for lost gear.

Is this a timed event?

Yes, it is a timed event and finishing times will be posted via our home page under the updates section. You will also be able to access results live at the finish line with your phone. There are no awards. The finishing time of each individual will be posted in alphabetical order and not in order of completion time. We encourage and celebrate participation.

How will my child know where to go on the race course?

The race course is well marked with traffic cones and arrows are strategically placed throughout the course to provide direction and support.
The race format literally becomes a game of follow the leader!
Also, we encourage athletes and parents to attend an Orientation Session to familiarize themselves with the course, specifically the bike and run exits, the turn around points on the bike and run course and how transition works.