Frequently Asked Questions


What are you doing in regards to COVID-19?

As it is unknown what the COVID-19 situation in Ontario will look like in Summer 2022, we cannot plan for any specific policies and procedures at this time. However, please know that we will follow every public health guideline and ensure that the risk of transmission is as low as possible. Please keep an eye on our COVID-19 page for updates as the situation progresses or reach out if you have any questions.

My child may not be able to complete the distances for his/her age group

TRi KiDS is all about creating a positive, fun and rewarding experience.  If your child would be better suited for the age group lower than their birth year would put them in please contact us.  There are no barriers to participation at TRi KiDS.

If I am unable to make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?

Sorry, no. If someone else races under your name and is injured, or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by any protection typically afforded to an athlete through the insurance policy.

Are there refunds for cancelled races due to weather?

Unfortunately no. Weather is an uncontrollable factor as are uncontrollable circumstances and every effort will be made to proceed with a safe event. It is possible that the swim and/or the bike portions of the event are cancelled. If this is the case, then a swim/run or bike/run or a run only event will take place. Participants will still receive their t-shirt,race kits and medal. TRi KiDS races are outdoor, rain or shine events. There are no refunds or rain-dates.

What happens after online registration closes? Can my child still participate?

Online registration will close if the race reaches maximum capacity, or closes according to the schedule which is typically the Sunday, one week prior to the race. There is no race day registration.

Do race kits have to be picked up the day before the race?

Picking up your race kit the day before makes your race day hassle and stress-free. With the changes to race protocols we also encourage both athletes and parents to attend the orientation sessions during race kit pick up. We will have race kits available for pick up on race day for those coming from out of town and those unable to pick up the day prior.

Will I receive a refund if my child is unable to participate?

Refunds may be requested via email for medical reasons only and assessed on a case by case basis. Given the short timeline between registration opening and race date we cannot offer full refunds. Processing fee and applicable tax on the processing fee are non-refundable.