Thank You Volunteer Groups!

As we enter another season of TRi KiDS racing we can easily reflect on how fortunate we have been to have groups come out and volunteer for a race. TRi KiDS volunteering is a great way to engage with young athletes, and support and encourage them as they do their best on the race course. As a group, it’s a terrific team-building experience.

We have had the pleasure of working with running groups, triathlon clubs and local community groups.  Each group played a huge role in the success of the events and we are certain they had a great time as well.

Here are a few of the benefits:

• Honorarium based on number of volunteers in the group. These funds can go towards team travel, uniforms, registration fees…we had one club donate their honoraium to their local school breakfast club.
• One point of contact: We will communicate with one member of the group to organize and confirm details.
• We will do our best to assign the group together or to a requested area.
• Draw prizes and gifts.
• Photos taken of the group which will be posted here and on the TRi KiDS Facebook and Twitter pages.
• Lunch, snacks and drinks provided during the race

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Here are some of the AWESOME groups who have volunteered for TRi KiDS and contributed to a memorable race for all our young athletes.