The TRi YOUTH event is for those interested in a racing experience similar to a Give-It-A- Tri or Sprint Triathlon commonly found at traditional adult triathlon events. It’s an opportunity for youth to experience the ‘next step’ in triathlon.

TRi YOUTH is geared towards TRi KiDS who are ‘aging out’ of the program or for those who want to experience the sport for the first time. Athletes in the 14 – 15 age group have the option of TRi KiDS or the TRi YOUTH category. All TRi YOUTH athletes will participate in one age group category, 14 to 17 years of age.

Races are timed, however they are non-competitive (no awards) and do not require specialized equipment. The TRi YOUTH environment is one of support, learning and of gaining experience.

Race Location

Milton, ON – Sunday, September 6, 2020 – afternoon start time TBD, following TRi KiDS Milton.

Race Format

Swim 350 metres – time trial start with each athlete starting at 5 second intervals. Athletes will swim on the right side of each lane and pass on the left. There will be multiple athletes swimming up and down each lane.No forward movement using bottom, lane ropes, or walls. Athletes can stop to rest (stand up) but can ONLY move forwards by swimming. No flippers or propulsion devices allowed.

Transition – there will be no assistance in transition and all athletes will rack/park their own bike in a second transition area before starting the run. Helmet must be fastened before touching the bike (after swimming). No riding in transition (walk bike to mount line). Helmet must stay done up until after the bike is racked (after cycling).

Uniform – Athletes must cover their chest and stomach on the bike and run. Athletes may ride sleeveless. Females may wear a one piece swim suit. No two piece swim suits are allowed.

Bike 10km – athletes will ride on the right and only pass on the left.  No drafting (riding right beside or behind someone). Athletes must stay 3 bike lengths behind someone unless they are passing.

Run 3.5 km – out and back run will take place on a paved trail.

TRi YOUTH event will start immediately following the TRi KiDS event. Orientation session will take place on race day.

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