Enjoy Terra Cotta Cookies at our finish line!

Terra Cotta Cookie Co. Ltd. started in 1984 and focused on baking delicious cookies for schools. Now, they support over 2,000 schools in Ontario in their lunch and snack programs. Simply buy at wholesale prices and earn money by selling individual cookies.

They also have an easy to execute Cookie Dough Drop™ Fundraising program that many schools, teams and other groups use to raise much needed funds. They have helped hundreds of schools and groups raise thousands of dollars!

Everything at Terra Cotta Cookie Co. Ltd. is guaranteed to be 100% peanut and nut free. They are the forerunner to providing healthy, lower fat, trans-fat free, peanut and nut free snacks and drinks to schools across the GTA. Along with the traditional favourite flavours like, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal they also have a great selection of seasonal cookies, great for holidays and special occasions. And you must know about their “Ice Dawgs”- the famous Ice Cream Sandwiches–these are a must try!

Terra Cotta Cookies also offers gluten-free and vegan options. They have gone to great lengths to obtain proper certification for all their products. Most importantly the cookies taste fantastic!

The Cookie Dough Drop™ Fundraising program is a great way to for groups of all kinds (schools, teams, clubs and more) to raise funds. Just sell the pre-portioned dough drops that are packed to go straight from your freezer to your oven. You get 40 cookie dough drops in each 800g box, and there are a large variety of flavours to choose from. Each box of cookies is $13, and they invoice you at $8 each per item. You keep the $5 profit. This is a fundraiser parents and friends will love!

Terra Cotta Cookie Co Ltd. is a proud supporter of the TRi KiDS Triathlon Series™. Every athlete will receive a delicious cookie courtesy of Terra Cotta after they cross the finish line!

Contact Terra Cotta to get started selling cookies for your group today!