Refresher – Equipment Rules and Guidelines

REVIEW the bike rules below BEFORE the race:

A majority of our participants are not affected by these guidelines however, the rules below are enforced for safety reasons only and have nothing to do with performance advantages.

Footwear while riding must have a closed toe box and enclosed heel. No sandals or flip flops.

Clipless pedals are permitted at any age, with the following conditions:

Age group 12-13 and under, the cleat must be recessed into the cycling shoe, such that the sole of the shoe, not the cleat, makes full contact with the ground. The athlete must be able to clip into both sides of the pedal.

For age group 14-15 all clipless pedal systems are permitted.

Cage pedals are NOT permitted at any age.

Aerobars are permitted for the 14-15 age group only and they must not extend more than 15cm beyond the front wheel axle. They must not be longer than the brake levers foremost line and must have a solid bridge.

Torsos must be covered for the bike and run portion of the race. This rule is for both girls and boys. The athlete will be asked to return to transition to put on a shirt. Sleeveless shirts, tri suits and one piece bathing suits are permitted.

If you are unsure about your athlete’s equipment please contact us in advance of the race. If you are a coached athlete or a member of club/team your coaches should be aware of these guidelines.